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Jan 7, 2019  |  Newark, CA  |  Brett S.

They did a good job and were able to install my new setup right away. They installed a motor, door, rails and disposed of all the old equipment. The new motor is quiet, has a backup battery and wifi connection. Thanks!

Dec 26, 2018  |  Fremont, CA  |  Simon S.

Quick response, price reasonable, replace my 2 old broken springs in 25 mins. nice and quality job, Highly recommend. Good job, Ryan.

Dec 19, 2018  |  San Jose, CA  |  Tony C.

We have a 10 years old garage door opener that had a broken insert for the rail. Some stores quoted me to replace the entire garage door opener and Ryan told me that he has parts to repair my garage door. Originally he said he doesn't have time till 3 days later but he told me to call him the next day at 11am to see if he can finish his job early. I called him the next day and he showed up in 30-45 mins. Great guy and fast response. Will use again in the future.

Nov 8, 2018  |  Santa Clara, CA  |  Janna G.

Quick, honest, respectful. Ryan (owner) carries 2 great openers (1 high end and 1 basic workhorse, made in Germany, which we went with on our rental). He explained the differences and why the current Genie (installed in 2010) was having repeated issued - the Genie and it's side-of-garage placement, due to a structural beam, were both problematic. And it's soooo much quieter (our guests and foster kids will appreciate the lack of noise since the guest room is above the garage)! Thanks, Ryan and Actor, for rebalancing and installing a new opener so quickly (under 2 hours) as well as explaining everything and being so personable.

Oct 22, 2018  |  East Bay, CA  |  Peter S.

Garage door broke a spring and gave Ryan a call. He told me that it would be $150 and came out and saw that one of the bearings was shot and making noises. He replaced that and didn't charge me anything extra. This is the second time he replaced my garage door springs and I plan on buying a new garage door/door opener from him. Ryan is honest and won't sell you anything that you don't need. Thanks again Doors on Demand!

Sep 8, 2018  |  Hayward, CA  |  Serv I.

I bought my own opener and Ryan installed it an hour and a half (and that's with me asking him questions along the way). He is very knowledgeable (15 yrs experience), works fast, professional, on time and clean. He was more satisfied about doing great work than getting paid. Ryan takes pride in what he does because he does an outstanding job and takes the time to answer any questions. He installed my opener/main button/keypad/and programmed everything, fixed my existing wiring, made a custom bracket for my sensor (my garage had limited space), did maintenance on my door and springs, and stayed a while longer to walk me through all the features of my garage door opener that I bought from somewhere else...  After he left I also noticed he tightened my rails, because before they used to wiggle. This guy made sure things were working properly and figured out a great solution to attaching my sensor. If you need the job done right, at a great price, and a 3 year warranty peace of mind- Ryan is the man.

Sep 7, 2018  |  Milpitas, CA  |  YingFang L.

Highly recommend Ryan for garage door need. As other reviewers said he is very honest. While all other garage door dealers told me to replace the whole garage door system, Ryan said he can fix it with mushroom bold. Also, my neighbor paid $400 to $600 for emergency spring replacement, Ryan told me he only charge $240, if it is at night, he charges $280. I end up replaced the whole garage door system, as it is nice to have insulated garage door and child safety break. We got the Haas door 670 with Synergy 370 for quiet operation. Update: after Ryan finished the job and leave, husband notice the rail on one side does not align well. Contacted Ryan, he is willing to come back to fix it, great customer service!

Aug 13, 2018  |  San Francisco, CA  |  Louis C.

Ryan is very professional. He arrived at my property on time, balanced my wooden overhead garage door and made the garage door opener working to operate properly on my unbalanced door in less than 25 minutes, His charge is more than reasonable. Two other door companies had come to work and advise to replace the wooden door and the garage door opener at a very high estimate cost. Ryan's professional working attitude and working experience and skill made this repair possible at a very low cost. Will keep using Doors On Demand for all the properties in my portfolio. A very happy real estate professional.

Jul 27, 2018  |  Walnut Creek, CA  |  Eric M.

Ryan was able to immediately visit my garage and diagnose the issue promptly. He provided a temporary solution and soon came back to install a permanent fix. He did not even charge for the temporary fix, and I paid a very fair price in the end. I like that he wasn't comfortable with just installing the quick fix and took the time to explain to me why the permanent fix was needed. I'll definitively use DoD again and will recommend to others.

Jul 6, 2018  |  Sunnyvale, CA  |  Girish V.

Ryan is excellent. He is genuinely interested in fixing stuff rather than pushing you to buy new. He also patiently answers all your questions. I contacted him for repairing a garage door opener that was not working. He drove to my house the next day, examined the opener and figured out that the coupler on the motor was faulty. He gave me the option of either upgrading the garage door opener or fixing the existing opener. While he gave me information on the latest and greatest models available, he did not push me towards buying a new opener at all. He was perfectly happy to fix the existing opener like I wanted - and did a great job of it.

Jun 29, 2018  |  Los Altos, CA  |  Jn X.

Ryan is the only business I contacted that is willing to fix the door rather than selling me a new door. Everyone wants the easy and lucrative business of selling me a door at huge margin compared to what I can get at Costco, but no one cared to fix the door which was really not in that bad of a shape. Ryan fixed my door and gave me good warranty. The door is working better than ever. I am glad I called him and didn't get swindled into buying a new door.

Jun 24, 2018  |  Union City, CA  |  Adrienne R.

Ryan is a lifesaver. He saved me a ton of money on a garage repair, by thinking outside of the box with different options, while all the other vendors were trying to have me do an unnecessary upgrade. He listened to my needs and reasoning for not upgrading. He was also very responsive and timely. I will always use him and send all my clients to Ryan for garage door replacement and/or repairs. Thanks Ryan for a job well done.

May 28, 2018  |  Hayward, CA  |  Nathan J.

Called in the morning and they were able to get to my house around noontime. Came in and repaired my garage door in about 30 minutes. Appreciate the work guys!

May 20, 2018  |  Santa Clara, CA  |  Crystal L.

Speedy response, speed service, very knowledgeable, had broken springs, replaced it and lubed the garage door.

May 10, 2018  |  Union City, CA  |  Brenda D. 

Great service! Just called them to fixed a fell off garage door, they came in within an hour and fixed less than 20 mins. Very reasonable price and friendly person! Highly recommended!

May 7, 2018  |  Union City, CA  |  Andrew L.

Can't say enough about the quality and service that Ryan provided. He knocked out the garage springs on a same day call and even adjusted the force limits on the motor to ensure problem free operation of our door. They definitely are the go to company for your garage door needs. Mahalo Ryan.

May 4, 2018  |  Union City, CA  |  Brian K.

Our garage door spring broke Thursday morning. I spoke with Saed (Ryan's business partner) the same afternoon. He was very responsive and came first thing Friday morning at 8:30am. He was on-time and fixed everything within an hour and gave our garage door a quick tune-up before heading out out. I definitely recommend Doors on Demand for reliable, quality, service.

Feb 10, 2018  |  San Francisco, CA  |  Marcus M.

I agree with the comments here. Ryan was on time, fast, knowledgeable, helpful and his price was reasonable. I got a few quotes for my garage repair and his quote was fair. He does appear to be a one man show so for all the comments on him not being on time, I think he could use a break.  He visited me when he said he would.

Feb 1, 2018  |  South San Francisco, CA  |  Chris F.

Responded to my messages very prompt. Came out when he said he'd be here. Fixed my garage (tangled cables) for a very affordable rate in under 30 minutes.

Oct 21, 2017  |  Fremont, CA  |  Jeffrey M.

Our garage cable broke at 9pm. I called Ryan and he showed up at 6am the next day. Fixed the cable, replace the hinge (without additional fee on a new hinge). Lubricated all hinges and took his time to check everything. He finished less than an hour and i was able to go to work on time. He deserves 10 stars. I would recommend his service

Sep 25, 2017  |  Fremont, CA  |  Jason Q.

Ryan is awesome! My garage door was jerky as it went down and didn't close evenly. I gave him a call in the morning and he was able to come out 2 hours later. He came out, diagnosed the problem, and fixed it all in less than an hour.  Just like the other reviews stated, Ryan is fast, friendly, fair, and knows his stuff! Thanks Ryan!

Sep 13, 2017  |  Fremont, CA  |  Grace Y.

I needed a quick repair for my garage rail. Ryan was awesome! Asked for a quote in the afternoon and Ryan came by same day to fix it. He was quick and did a great job. Garage works again and I didn't need to wait until the next day to get it fixed!

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