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garage door repair installation

Customer Testimonials on Yelp

Fremont, CA  | Jane L.

Very efficient installation of our new garage door opener, very upfront and reasonable about pricing, and easy to work with.  Calls were returned promptly.  We would definitely recommend this business.

Fremont, CA  | Jasmine S.

Ryan saved the day! Service on Mother's Day! I am so grateful this business.  

Our newly installed garage door had been giving us trouble for a couple weeks and today it suddenly just made a loud noise and refused to close. Upon inspection, cables on both sides of the door had come undone and were all messed up.  The door could not be closed! We called the original installer and they were of no help. We called another highly rated Yelp garage service guy and he was unavailable but highly recommended Ryan. We called and Ryan was able to come out in a couple hours.  He was super knowledgeable, courteous and efficient in the repair. He solved this problem in less than 30 minutes. His rates were also super reasonable and worth every penny.

Please call Ryan if you need any garage services!

Fremont, CA  | Tedi C.

Very nice guy and efficient to install the garage opener.

Fremont, CA  | Bob X.

I highly recommend Doors On Demand. When my garage door got stuck several weeks ago, I called Ryan, he gave me a very reasonable quote including suggestions on selecting a garage opener, since I would like to replace my old opener too. He arranged to get my garage door issue fixed and the garage opener replaced on the next day. After I used the new opener for one month, I noticed my garage door was not at a very well balanced position, I sent an text to Ryan informing him what I saw, he showed up on the next day on schedule and adjusted the garage door. I am very happy with his excellent job and support.

Fremont, CA  | Ashish G.

Called in the morning and they showed promptly on time. Had tried my hand at tightening the chain to reduce chain slap noise but I accidently messed up. He fixed it no time and charged a reasonable fee. Thanks Doors on Demand!

Fremont, CA  |  Scott J.

My door went sideways and the cables were off on one side. I called and he came out the same day. Had it fixed in no time. Glad I called. When my door needs replaced I will be calling to have them do the install for me. Can't ask for much more in service.

Fremont, CA  |  Suz N.

Ryan came ready to replace our garage door springs and did a professional job! Would definitely recommend!

Sunnyvale, CA  |  Arlene M.

Our garage door cable broke last's a pretty old garage door maybe over 20 years old and we've had a number of problems over the years. Doors on Demand got us an estimate within one business day and fixed the door the following day. Turns out our opener mechanism was beyond saving we got a good deal on a brand smart garage door opener with app control. Highly recommend this vendor for any garage door troubles!

Albany, CA  |  Cindy Y.

We had this super old barn doors that opened from side to side. They were so gross and we finally had them changed. Ryan did an amazing job and we are so happy with our new doors.

Fremont, CA  |  Veronica S.

Highly recommend Door On Demand!  My rental garage door stopped working on a late rainy evening and Ryan responded within an hour and fixed it!  Great customer service!  Can't ask for better service!

Newark, CA  |  Brett S.

They did a good job and were able to install my new setup right away. They installed a motor, door, rails and disposed of all the old equipment. The new motor is quiet, has a backup battery and wifi connection. Thanks!

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