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New Garage Doors Can Add a Touch of Class to Your Home

When a person puts a house up for sale, they want everything to be perfect in order to get the best price they can for the home. One might think that certain things could be overlooked without consequence, such as the garage door. Surely no one pays much attention to that…or do they? An unsightly garage door or one that performs poorly can detract from the home’s other outstanding qualities. Instead of leaving it to chance, it’s a good idea to have the experts at Doors on Demand stop by and assess your door. With over 10 years of experience installing and repairing garage doors in the San Jose area, Doors on Demand can advise you on your door’s current status and let you know if it needs repair or replacement. If you compare the cost of a garage door repaired or installed by us (and don’t forget to check our Specials Page for discounts and coupons) with the potentially higher price you could get for the sale of your house, getting your door upgraded can really make sense. Here’s an example to help explain the potential benefits: A homeowner listed his home for sale and scheduled an open house. He thought he had everything ready for the home showing, but he forgot to take into account his warped and stained wooden garage door. Amazingly, each visitor to the open house commented on the door, which they said made the front of the home look run down. So the homeowner invested a bit of money towards the replacement of that door, and it really made a dramatic difference in the home’s appearance. He started getting compliments such as: ‘Isn’t this a bright and cheery home,’ ‘Doesn’t this home look well cared for,’ etc.; all this just from replacing his garage door. Perhaps you would like a bit more information about our company to help you make an informed decision. Our decade of experience includes garage door repairs and installations all over San Jose; we’d be happy to provide you with a reference list. We can install any brand and even recommend some exceptional brands that add a distinctive touch of elegance to your home. Sometimes you need emergency response; whether you are selling your house or not. In these cases Doors on Demand is ready to answer your call as we provide 24-7 emergency service. Don’t hesitate to call us at (510) 305-8582 for prompt service. We will get your garage door operational again – fast!

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