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Why Timing is Critical When it Comes to Garage Door Repairs

When you press the remote control to your garage door and nothing happens, that is an unsettling feeling. Sometimes you might think that the batteries to the remote have gone dead, but there’s always that sinking feeling that maybe there’s something wrong with the door. Then the next thought is: ‘How long will it stay this way?’ Simultaneously you worry ‘What is this going to cost to repair?’ Doors on Demand understands your anxiety. We offer several ways to get in touch with us so you can get your garage door repaired quickly. Here in Fremont we are the answer to your garage door problems. In fact, our 10 years of experience can dramatically cut down your wait time to get your door fixed, because we know just what to look for when we examine your broken garage door. One call to us at (510) 305-8582 gets the ball rolling – we’ll be there promptly to fix your door. If it’s more convenient, you can also get in touch with us online. However, sometimes getting into your garage is an emergency and for those times you can rest easy as we offer 24-7 emergency service. You don’t have to worry about price as we offer competitive rates and discounts and coupons, too. Simply visit our Specials Page for details. When it comes to top of the line garage doors, we combine these great products with our personal service, and the result is a garage door solution you’ll really love. You may be wondering if your door can be fixed or if you might need an entirely new door installed. We’ll assess the situation and provide you with your options. Sometimes the fix is as simple as replacing the coil springs on the door, or upgrading another broken part. If we see evidence of warping of a wooden garage door or other signs that the door itself is not functioning properly, we’ll discuss that with you. We have many new door options to choose from which can provide you with an easy to use, attractive and environmentally friendly door, all for less money than you might think. Need to learn more about garage doors? Let our FAQ page answer your questions. Ready to get that stubborn garage door fixed? Call Doors on Demand at (510) 305-8582 and get our experts to come to your home for a free estimate.

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